Indoor Air Quality

Why Indoor Air Quality is Important to You and Your Family

The EPA states that indoor air is often five times more polluted than outdoor air indoor. Air pollution is divided into three types, air filters only capture one type, particulates. That leads the other two untreated! Biological contaminants contain mold, bacteria, and viruses. Chemical contaminants contain VOCs that contain odors and are potentially toxic. Here are some ways you can treat your air for cleaner and safer air that always smells fresh! 

Air Ionization
Products Like the I-Wave R are great systems to eliminate particulates in the air. Its also great at eliminating odors. The I-wave is installed in the duct system before your filter to bundle up air molecules thus catching up to 10x more particulates and VOC's.

Self cleaning and maintenance free.
UV Treatments
UV-C bulbs are a proven method of killing biological contaminants bacteria, mold, and viruses. We carry the highest grade bulbs on the market, like the Field-Control's Dual Bulb system.

Brighter than anything else on the market, long lasting, immediate results.
Media Filters
Carbon cells are proven to work in HEPA systems for years. Integrating carbon with UV bulbs is a great way of eliminating VOC's and Bio contaminants. Carbon acts like a sponge that soaks up any Chemicals contaminants in the air by neutralizing odors and toxins and releasing safe carbon dioxide.

Maintenance free.

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